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Patricia Leeper Fine Arts

Recently I came across my first sketchbook in which my grandmother wrote “to our little artist.” It was dated 1972 so apparently I was showing some creative “props” early on.  While I hopefully have progressed from the stick figures and crudely drawn images of my then dog Trixie, the drive of creativity that filled those pages is still present to this day.

As with most art, mine has grown in stages. Ten years ago I began combining my drawing with graphic design. Four years after that I picked up a paintbrush and, for the first time, used it for something beyond “paint by number.” Since then, I’ve developed my own style of blended media, both digital and traditional oil painting.

I hope you enjoy this sample of my work. I also hope it will inspire you to find your own creative space. No matter how many years removed we may be from those unselfconscious doodles of our childhood, I believe we each have the capacity to create.